thursday, june 13, 2024

Female Forces: CHewsome foods

This company is close to my heart. Female founded, 100% organic and revolutionary at problem-solving. 

It appears that providing a solution to this part of the baby food industry was overdue. I’m personally not (yet) affected by the baby led weaning storm, but it’s definitely something that everyone (who chooses to have children) will eventually come in contact with.

We live in a world with far too much of everything and, in comparison, very little time. So the amount of time we spend sorting through options, takes away from the time we have left to spend on the fun and beautiful things in life. Cooking can be a wonderful task, but every so often… it’s okay if you just don’t want to. 

Surprisingly, in our world of options, there wasn’t a shortcut to nourishing, simple but delicious BLW food. Until Kristina Schreiner decided to invent one. Since then, the idea (and the team realizing it) has grown, and we photographed the very first baby food campaign for chewsome in October 2023. The entire stock sold out only a few weeks after the launch, and they’re currently working hard on continuing production. 

They also just created a new slogan “SELBST ISST DAS BABY”, which translates to a classic German pun about being independent — here with a twist on babies and eating. BLW can be such a fun way to bring joy into mealtimes, relieve the parents a little and give children an opportunity to explore their foods with their own hands. Learning how to do something yourself (with your own hands) is a powerful move we should all support!

I might be a little biased, but seriously can’t wait to find out whatever this team comes up with next. Also, don’t think I’ve worked with models this cute before:

Some of my friends just had babies, which makes this post quite personal. So, supporting a company with the mission to provide parents with a new, easier option to get their children started on solid foods while having fun and improving cognitive development, only seemed natural.

ps: (it’s not just for babies exclusively)