saturday, january 13, 2024


Photo by Moritz Günther

Hi, welcome! I’m glad you made it. 🙂


It might seem unconventional to have this blog feature on a photographers’ website. But, hear me out: 

This is not a New Year’s resolution. I’ve decided to start this blog (again, after a solid 5-year break) to allow myself a space where I can be more vocal about stuff I care about, ideas I realized, projects I want to share, ……..the list goes on. I simply wanted an outlet for my writing in combination with the other forms of art.

It’s been in the works for a while, and my plan is to feature something once a month. It can be articles I wrote or photo work/projects I want to share with a more personal touch. You can expect occasional videos, on topics where I need more than one medium combined, and truly whatever else I need to creatively get out of my system.

Over the years there’s been so much input that I’ve written down and built ideas around and then done absolutely nothing with. It has got worse ever since I started university in Vienna and gained more insight into language use and cultural issues. Finally, I’ve managed to convince myself that this is the way for me to actively and continuously deal with those.

So, here we are: the LASUKARE blog. It’s an acronym of my full name (abbreviated because it’s a long ass name, and I think it sounds cool this way). Don’t ask why I picked my name, it just felt right for this. I’ll obviously keep working and documenting, studying and exploring – just needed more room for the exploration part to keep growing.

You can check back on the 13th of each month at 11:11 to find the newest addition to these articles — if you’d like to, that is. I’ll be here and can’t wait to see this page take shape and be a little documentary of its own.

Love, Laura

ps: thank you for being here!